In these days, E-mails have become the main method of communication, Either conversations between private people, people sending greeting cards, one to another, coworkers communication within a company, or a brand getting in touch with it’s clients.

It’s not wonder that we find ourselves looking at an inbox packed with new, unread E-mails, taking not more than a glimpse in most of them.

Aye Aye Studio offers you a unique tool to make your E-mail stand out among the others – Animated E-mails brings life to your E-mail messages. It’s distinctful and invites a reader who was only curious about the E-mail to read it’s content.

The Animation Process

When we, at Aye Aye Studio, recieve an order to create an animated E-mail, we do the following:

  • At first we look for the type of character the person, or the company has, and what they want to emulate in their E-mail
  • Once we have a grasp of what kind of feeling the E-mail should have, we design the email in that matter, custom made design to bring the best results.
  • Now we get to the interesting part – Animation of the E-mail. The animation itself can have a variety of styles. It can be crazy caroon style, or simple and solid. Depends on what the client wants to convey.
  • Once the Animated E-mail is done, we pack into a template in your E-mail service, so you can use it easily within every E-mail you will send

AHOY There!

This is the official Aye Aye Animated E-mail


Gil Edelsberg
Marketing Manager 0549304054

Aye Aye Studio’s Animated E-mails have distinctive look, and are made from different, modular components. You can choose which component  you want in your own E-mail, build you own custom made E-mail, and choose it’s entire look and animation. Here are the components you can choose from for your Animated E-mails:

ComponentHow it looks
Animated background
Logo animation and signature design
Social media icon